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Chomp the Flies!

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For: 2 to 5 players
Age: 7+
Contents: 5 frogs, 20 double-sided water lilies, 5 lily pads, 1 set of rules, 12 fly counters, 1 spinner, 1 fly, 1 bag.

The players help their hungry frogs jump from one water lily pad to another. Each pad has four water lilies on it and you choose which one you want to land on. This water lily is turned over. If the colour of the water lily matches that of the frog then the frog is able to jump on to the lily. If, however, the colour does not match that of the frog, the frog does not get to jump. It must stay where it was and the next player has their turn. If there is a frog, a fly or a stork on the lily then a special action is carried out.
The players try to get their frog to jump to the lily pad where the fly is sat. If they succeed then they get a fly counter. The winner is the player who is first to get four fly counters.



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